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In order to drive its own development and that of its customers, LDPI is building a new 18,000 m², latest-generation warehouse. Located 500m from the current sites in the neighbouring town of La Verpillière, the operation of this new building is already effective for part of the activity.

What does this mean in concrete terms?


Our storage capacity increases to more than 26,000 m², representing 30,000 pallet spaces.


Our co-packing activities, which are growing strongly, benefits from a dedicated 1,000 m² workspace that serves as a true packing workshop.


Cross-docking activities is enhanced by 30 dock doors and a dedicated area of 2,000 m² to meet national and international freighting requirements, and thus offer international bulking customers regular lines to more than 30 European countries. Distribution in the Rhône-Alpes region continues to be carried out using our own lorries and semi-trailers, some of which will be equipped with a tailgate or on-board trolley (on 13m semi-trailers, 11m City semi-trailers and 26t lorries).

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