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LDPI Nous valorisons vos produits


LDPI packages, transforms and enhances the value of your products in its co-packing workshop in compliance with your marketing operations and quality standards.

LDPI relies on its dedicated technical equipment for the packing or repacking of your products.

We possess a range of expertise in areas such as bundling, sleeving, labelling and welding. We go to work on your goods with speed and efficiency before dispatch.

Our packing workshop boasts 1 000 m² of dedicated workspace.

Our team is qualified and trained in the various co-packing techniques. Our project manager will review your packaging plan and propose upstream prototypes for your approval, according to the specifications you provide.

LDPI packages and transforms your goods, adding value to your promotional operations.


LDPI can help you to boost your marketing operations.




LDPI Nos services Co-packing




LDPI offers you several customised packaging solutions.

According to the characteristics of your products and your needs of development of the products, we carry out operations of sleeving, shrink wrapping, L-welding and X-folding, boxing, casing, labelling …


Sleeving is a labelling solution for your products and batches, by manual application or semi-automatic (heat-shrink) application.
LDPI offers you the sleeving solution adapted to your needs: stretch sleeving for film elasticity or shrink sleeving which contracts upon contact with the product under the effect of heat.
Sleeving is an environmentally friendly solution because it does not involve the use of glue. It also enhances your brand image.


Shrink-wrapping allows you to combine and repackage several products in batches by applying shrink film.
This technique also protects and maintains your goods. It facilitates storage, handling and transport.


L-welding and X-folding allow promotional batches to be produced automatically.
The filming of products or batches is a marketing tool to drive sales of promotional batches by means of an additional label. It can be applied to several types of media (glass, cardboard, plastic).


Boxing consists of filling, assembling and placing your batches in all types of boxes (1/4, 1/2 and full pallet) and adding value to your POS on all types of surfaces: cardboard, metal, wood and combination.


We will support your marketing services upstream of production in the design of your cases and kits (technical advice).

Our qualified teams assemble and fill the cases or kits before placing them in bundling cases.


LDPI can apply stickers or labels to your products before shipping them to your customers.

Thanks to our 3-head labeller, we can re-label your goods in one round.


LDPI pays great attention to respecting its clients’ specifications

LDPI Respect des spécifications

LDPI implements quality management systems with the help of its dedicated Methods and Quality team.

We establish and follow up on industrial processes in line with your activities and your needs.

Our computer system, equipped with CAPM software, enables us to manage stocks of goods to be packaged, production orders and planning, receipt and dispatch of orders.

The assessment of the packaging to be designed is carried out in partnership with reputable packaging manufacturers. You will receive an upstream prototype for approval.


LDPI intervenes quickly and efficiently on your products within this dedicated area.

LDPI Atelier de conditionnement à façon

Offering over 1,000 m² of clean room, our packing workshop is equipped with latest-generation machines.

We are able to meet all your production requirements thanks to the diversity of our machinery, including a shrink-wrapper, sleeve-wrapper, L-welder, X-welder, and 3-head labeller.

We integrate all the health, quality and regulatory standards corresponding with your specifications to meet your co-packing needs.


LDPI is ready to answer any queries you may have.

Contact us by telephone on +33 (0)4 74 99 95 00 or fill in the form below.

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What technologies do you use to meet packaging or repackaging needs?

Our pack workshop processes your merchandise before we ship it to your customer. We add value to your products through shrink-wrapping, sleeve-wrapping, film-wrapping (with stretch or shrink film), co-packing, boxing, casing, kit-filling, labelling and re-labelling. Our packaging equipment and dedicated staff process your products with meticulous attention to detail in order to optimise your marketing operations.

How is LDPI set up to meet customers’ co-packing needs?

LDPI has a dedicated 1000 m² packing workshop fully integrated into our logistics warehouses. Our qualified team, with training in various co-packing techniques, prides itself on quick and efficient processing of your goods, to add value to your marketing operations. A project manager will review your packaging projects and propose upstream prototypes for your approval and within the specifications you provide.

How do you manage production in your packing workshop?

LDPI uses computer-aided production management software to manage the purchase of consumables, production orders, production planning, receipt and dispatch of products, and invoicing. With support from our Methods and Quality department, we are setting up a robust quality management system. We establish and monitor industrial processes that match your activities and requirements.